There’s Just One Thing Missing from PLIC PROCK

It’s the vocals! Which .. hey, placeholder synths can do a good job of illustrating what’s up, right?

This of course comes at a tremendously bittersweet time for ol’ PLIC PROCK, with Asumi on her way out the door and exactly what’s next for the group in doubt; the former Parallel Japan’s star-crossed existence getting yet another kick in the junk for no reason other than the universe being a cruel, meaningless place where joy itself has no greater worth than the synapses firing to create it.

Well. I guess there’s more than just vocals missing from the song, you know? Asumi will presumably sing it at her farewell live on Tuesday (of all days?), the group’s first one-man, and then that’ll be it. PLIC PROCK will be missing a founding member, a person who really stuck it out through some genuine garbage (in an industry that produces garbage by the ton!), only to be felled by more personally lousy circumstances.

But how about that damn song? It has pretty much everything you could want in an idorock song, and I bet it’s even better live. I hope that PLIC PROCK makes it long enough — whether with another member or two, or just as Sari and Yui — to get out an album. It’s not just that they’re criminally under-rated, but that they’re criminally under-respected by everybody but other idols. How the hell does every one of their videos clock in at no more than about 1,500 views? Madness.