Look out for KING SARI’s imminent debut!

At Homicidols, we try not to post about a unit before they release anything. After all, how many groups have looked extremely promising and yet disbanded with nary even a CD-R in sight? But this upcoming group has so much backing we had to mention it.

Created as the official rival group to Anthurium, King Sari, despite what its name suggests has nothing to do with ex-Necronomidol members nor a very talented soloist currently active. However, while they had their member preview which did include a (now former) Anthurium member, our excitement lies especially in the presence of this young lady:

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You guys, it’s time we talk about Leiwan!

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We created a Discord server.

On Saturday morning someone asked for the link to our Discord server so we thought, “Oh, that’s an idea,” and created one.

Here’s an invite link if you would like to join: Homicidol’s Discord Server

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Your Homicidols Weekender #261

Hello and welcome to this week’s Homicidols Weekender! If you don’t know me I’m Cal and I’ve never written one of these before despite being here for 2 years. So um… hello!

As we move in to the end of the year it’s almost time for, you guessed it, end of year lists! Almost that is. We’ve got a few things to squeeze in before things are finalised because our favourite unending profit generating machine is still pumping out content for us to consume. And consume we shall! Content around here has been a little sparse for the past fortnight because various team members, unfortunately, have lives outside of the idolosphere. But, that’s one of the great things about being an idol fan, something is constantly happening!  Even when we can’t write, you guys are constantly tuned in to your favourites, posting about your favourites, informing us about your favourites.  Aint it wonderful?

That was a wee bit of a tangent but hey, Maniac liked to ramble so let’s consider this my turn to fan the flames. A lot happened in the past week, so let’s get into it.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #253

It’s the weekend before TIF and over here at Homicidols house we’re all still bracing ourselves for a world without BURST GIRL. I’d say it’s been a rough year for disbandments but, let’s get real, it’s always a rough year. That is the ephemeral and transitory nature of idol, the genre we have voluntarily consigned ourselves to. But even with the ever looming sense of loss, we also reside in perpetual hope, for every time idol shuts a door, it opens a window.

Because, sure, one day we might lose a beloved unit, but the next day someone like CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL comes back!!

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ASP Comes Through Your Front Door

We’re a highbrow publication, so the headline about the group called ANAL SEX PENiS was kept tasteful once again. So without further ado let’s get right into talking about those wild WACK girls who love to prove they’re anything but pusillanimous – this is “the MAN CALLiNG,” so you’d better answer!

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re:miaw Is The Casual Idol Super Group That Just Wants To Relax…

Putting their hat into the sweepstakes of idol groups that use a “re:” prefix in their name is a fresh addition to the scene who call themselves re:miaw! This unit has been around since at least June of this year, but flying a bit under the radar, so it’s bit easy to wonder where they’ve been.

While they do have a group twitter account, they don’t have a lot of information about themselves up. I think I can explain it this way: You see, the one recurring theme I’ve noticed with this group is that they refer to themselves as only being “loosely active”. One member described re:miaw as being a “relaxing activity idol unit”. And you know what? That’s a theme I can relate to!

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Your Homicidols Weekender #246

Hi!  Merry Weekend!  Maniac is away so the rest of the team have had to finish off the Weekender.  There’s normally a rambling intro here but let’s dispense with that and get on with things shall we?


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I scream, you scream, we all scream for new Zenkimi MVs!

If it’s all my fault, I’ll do this more often; Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da has graced us with two new MVs in two days. While both are to promote their re-recorded albums Q.E.D and Q.E.D. Bi with the current seven members lineup, they switched things up a bit by picking songs that never got an MV before!

The lucky winners are Kimi Kimi Syndrome X and Cult Scream (and, of course, you the fan who is getting two brand new music videos).

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Dream your way into the new Cinema and Boy CQ

Cinema and Boy CQ just released their latest MV and it’s a phenomenal one.

The song is Tranquilizers no koibito (translated, as shown several times in the MV, to “The Lovers of Tranquilizers”) and the song was written by Yoko Hamasaki of Urbangarde fame.

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