Would You Like to Meet the New Himekyun Fruit Can?

All right, confession time: Who out there (raise your hands) thought that the plan to have all of Himekyun Fruit Can — unofficially but kind of really the longest-running hard rock idol unit in the business — graduate following a long farewell run-down, and then replace them with totally new and fresh members, was going to be run about as well as just about everything else from that company over the past couple of years, and we’d get a reboot roughly on par with … I was going to give an example, but I have too much respect for the people in question, so let’s just say, a reboot that would not be well-executed.

My hand is up!

Well, let’s all just maybe lower those suckers and look, because Mad Magazine may have gotten this one right:

Go ahead and look at the HKFC website, and check out the new members. I’m more than a little concerned that there’s a member who was born when I was in graduate school; one could argue that she has made more of her life since then than I have.

Their first live is tomorrow! Talk about hitting the ground running. That’s … that’s like a very seamless transition. I hope they actually take the trouble to release some new music and/or video soon as well! And get the hell out of Ehime once in a while.

Re: the above, especially so because it really would’ve been nice to get a proper farewell number for the members who did this for seven(!) years and never even got so much as a final MV sendoff. Instead, how about some photos from the last live?

Thank you, Mai in particular, for having kicked a lot of ass and gotten me moving on this crazy journey.

One thought on “Would You Like to Meet the New Himekyun Fruit Can?

  1. Farewell to one of my favorite groups and welcome to all this poor new girls who have had the bad luck to end up in Mad Magazine.

    I LOVE Mad Magazine concept, but the way of manage their bands is an absolutely disaster.

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