Your Homicidols Weekender #36

This was a busy week, gang, and it was also a bad one. Guso Drop. DEEP GIRL (though anybody could have seen that coming). Losing Kerrie to “Splatoon.” I’d just as soon never do it again! We inevitably will, though; idol idols on, and I think just about everybody likes video games.

Anyway, good stuff! PassCode MVs. A really neat look at Dots and their creative process coming up in a little while (plus the look behind the curtain). The Friday Fun, which is hugely ambitious and may also reveal how you really feel about idols. QUEEN OF THE SCENE, for which nominations close today, you bunch of weirdos — get your input in before I start making idols do virtual ladder matches next week!

What Were Things That Happened, Maniac?

Screaming Sixties was on TV again. Their fans performed the greatest Wall of Death of all time:

If you’re ever like, “I really like Maniac and would like to buy him a present,” you could do a lot worse than this stuff from BiSH:

I really hate when the possibility of shark jumping is so high, but man:

Support Amina:

My favorite thing about CY8ER is Fujishiro, a giant among idols, in those kawaii-to-the-point-of-tears outfits:


Super-newcomers Kaqriyo Terror Architect have a website, and they’re seeking additional members:

I’m still on the fence about BiS’s new look; I love it, and I hate it:

Wonder no longer what PiGU is like live with two members, neither of whom is Rino but one of whom is still Keikarin:

Rinka, too!

Fun Fun Fun, aka the best thing about Bokura no Oyugi, aka Ruru Summertree, aka a person too talented and cool to constantly be stuck in the rut of the scene, dropped another track the other day:

I’d love to write more about this in general, but have you had a chance to come across Pinky! Nora and Petra, one of the most remarkable East-West idol connections I’ve ever seen?

I’ve been inundating you guys with Alloy lately, so let’s keep this last bit just for the Weekender:


Have we ever talked about uijin’s 360-VR video?

Here’s the full version.

I’ve mentioned Andy Edge’s music before; here’s an MV from one of his projects:

Potential similarities to Linkin Park completely coincidental

You can check out their stuff on Bandcamp.

Check out Okaki pretending to be human:

I absolutely love this photo of team DEAD LIFT LOLITA for some reason:

There has never been a better photo app thingy doodad:

I like to check in on Ritsuka every now and again; she’s going to have a little festival of her own!

Somebody alert Cococo!

Enjoy your weekend!

I can’t help but see’s “HATE” video here

16 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #36

  1. I wouldn’t worry too much about BABYMETAL doing a theme song for a Cartoon Network show, they have a pretty good track record both in quality of shows and for show theme songs. The theme songs for Teen Titans (both versions), Sealab 2021, Space Ghost Coast to Coast and Aqua Teen Hunger Force make me think it’ll be good. Now if we can just get BABYMETAL to collaborate with MC Pee Pants.

    WTF Ano-Chan , you know I love you and would give up Maniac’s left arm for you, but that is not the message I need from you the week Guso announces their impending demise. Give a brother a week before making a statement like that.

      • I think we’re going to be okay with Unikittty but my worry is this:
        Hi Hi it’s the Babymetal one man show!
        Hi Hi it’s the Babymetal one man show!
        On the Hi Hi it’s the Babymetal Show
        Anything bad is possible?!
        Today’s epsisode “Space Ghost aliens try to steal Yui’s magical tomato”

        On the exact day I receive my Painfully Violent CD with a hand print and a DNA sample of hair they call it quits, still in shock!

        • The idea of Brak and Zorak making regular appearances on the BABYMETAL One Man show fills me with more hope than dread, throw in a few special appearances by Carl and I’m gonna have to clear space on my DVR.

    • This made me wonder what kinds of theme songs they have had on Cartoon Network since i stopped watching so I went on YouTube and looked up a bunch and… They are all quite good!

      Honestly i was a bit iffy about this theme song thing but after listening to all those themes i am quite positive about it!

      Fun hearing some of the classics i grew up with, too.

      • I think I’m way less concerned with whether the song is any good than the potential for Babymetal to keep adding “novelty act” ammunition to the critics. Nobody will ever care that Pantera did the theme song for the Dallas Stars back in the day …

        • People who wanna find fault are gonna find fault, are They Might be Giants a novelty act ? Maybe, they certainly have a famous TV theme song to their credit . Do They Might be Giants have a level of commercial and critical success and longevity that 95% of bands that ever existed would be envious of ? Yep.
          BABYMETAL has been a kick in the ass to a genre of music that was way too far up it’s own ass for far too long, if the people who think Heavy Metal is very very serious and should always be treated as such are gonna bag on BM let them, shrug your shoulders move on and let those people get back to their very very serious, glum and moribund lives.

        • I wasn’t concerned about the quality of the song but about the quality of the songs it was going to be in the company of.

        • Honestly I’d be happy to have some of the Babymetal purists leave the fandom, like those people that insist on the band is actually are part of the group.

          I basically WANT Babymetal to be a novelty act, in my opinion they need to go back to be entertaining and stop doing boring anthems and progressive metal.

      • I find it kind of meh, it’s generally well produced very slick dance pop. There is nothing wrong with that, but it doesn’t strike me as especially different than the Western version of the same music, except maybe with a much heavier reliance on girl/boy groups rather than solo artists.
        I find the Japanese stuff more interesting because the Japanese almost can’t help putting their own very heavy cultural imprimatur on things and ideas they pull in from outside sources so they come out looking and/or sounding very different.

        • The reason I don’t listen to K-pop is the same reason I don’t listen to modern Western music; although there must undoubtedly be some great stuff to be found, I can’t face sifting through all the terrible, awful stuff to find it. To me, for reasons I don’t understand, Japanese pop music is at worst okay or uninteresting but never cringingly bad. Except for that Kai/Beni thing last year.

          But I did recently discover Crayon Pop four years after everyone else and they’re amazing and I love them, only Korean group I like so far though.

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