Hey. HEY! PassCode’s Plural MVs Are Available

Me upon looking at Twitter notifications this morning: “Oh neat, PassCode’s going to release two MVs!”

Me upon clicking the YouTube links from the announcement: “REGION BLOCKING MUST DIE”

Me 35 seconds later, after going to Facebook instead: “OH GOOD OKAY”

Two for the price of one (free). First, the full version of “ONE STEP BEYOND”:

And what I’ve really been waiting for, “Same to you”:

Well, we were hoping that they’d mix up the formula a little, weren’t we? That’s different. I’m feeling the hell out of that weird breakdown sequence, though.

By the way, if you can access the videos on YouTube/VEVO, you should, because that channel’s monetized:

5 thoughts on “Hey. HEY! PassCode’s Plural MVs Are Available

  1. It’s cool of them to acknowledge their inconvenient distribution rights situation, and very cool to offer a Facebook alternative. They’re literally saying, “Hey, you! Don’t watch that, watch this!”

    • I have no idea how much money one can make from YouTube views, nor how much PassCode can theoretically make from YouTube views, but I do appreciate the /shrug IT’S FINE WE DON’T WANT YOU TO FEEL LEFT OUT thing.

      Now do the same thing on a tour, posthaste!

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