Stick a Fork in DEEP GIRL, They’re Done

In a bit of news that honestly shouldn’t surprise anybody, even though it’s perfectly acceptable to be a little sad about it, formerly Potentially the Coolest Thing in Idol and No for Real I’m Still Shaking, It’s That Good, DEEP GIRL, is finally, mercifully being put to bed:

That’s the nice version of the post title, by the way

Yeah, there’s a final live to be held, but come on.

For those of you who are a little newer:

My mind is still blown by how good this is

There are six members of DEEP GIRL in that video. All but two of them were gone within a year of that video’s release, including the leader (now with CY8ER!). I don’t know how it is that Kanon and Riko didn’t also quit (possibly: they don’t care enough to). Their catalog was almost entirely covers of well-known metal and rock songs. After debuting at TIF, they never got anywhere near so prominent a stage again and instead (unfortunately, unfairly even) became kind of a running punchline. Guilty.

I hate things like this because it’s never the members’ fault. DEEP GIRL was put together purely as a promotional vehicle for SHOWROOM (which, you may have noticed, lots and lots of idols use), which is very idol and sadly appropriate, because the company never seemed to put half as much interest into their project as it fleetingly warranted. “I kill” is pretty unique in idol music, and the video’s … well, the video; how “they” managed to not-leverage that into absolutely nothing is mind-boggling, but so it goes when your business model consists of “no, show more cleavage in this Internet video portal” instead of “holy shit, we need more songs like that and to go on tour.”

Stupid and frustrating, but whatever. DEEP GIRL, on the strength of that song and the fact that the members have/d a lot of idol appeal, picked up a nice amount of fan support among Westerners hip to this loud idol thing. Louis runs the DEEP GIRL Facebook fan group and religiously shared photos and videos from the group’s activities, but even the most devoted Kanon fan had to feel the writing on the wall this time.

Here’s the thing: This ending is so inevitable that it doesn’t even suck. Its completely devoid of motion or mass, and therefore has no inertia whatsoever, which has to be the most DEEP GIRL thing about DEEP GIRL right now, and that’s the sad thing for probably everybody but Kanon and Riko, both of whom are probably glad to be out from under their contract at this point (and get to be done with that damn theme song). Seeing Non and Mashiro having well moved on with their careers is probably kind of a sore spot.

So, sayonara to you, DEEP GIRL. We’ll always have one of the hottest, shiningest moments of 2016 to remember you by.

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