Friday Fun in the Garden of Good and Evil

Editor’s note: Kerrie drafted this very early in the week. When I contacted her yesterday to ask if she wanted to revise it in the wake of the worst news so far this year, her only response was a random, jumbled collection of all-caps letters and numbers. Because I think she can currently only express herself by mashing a keyboard and incoherently crying out into a loveless universe, I’m leaving her original as-is. Marvel at the sudden anachronism!

Hi everyone! As of writing its almost midnight, I’m listening to an online vaporwave radio station to relax myself into sleeping (that Homercidols stunt came from love, you know!) and to block out the neighborhood douchebags having their nightly drunken arguments, and a song just came on of some announcer dude rambling in Japanese, and amongst this Japanese rambling I managed to catch the gairaigo “passcode” and I was like “Heh. PassCode.”

Can you tell I’m half-asleep?

Anyway, in that brief moment I had the realisation “Hm, on that note I should probably get the next Friday Fun ready ASAP because Splatoon 2 comes out on Friday and I’ve been waiting months for this, nothing is going to be able to drag me out of squid hell to do anything productive in the coming days” so, here we are.

We actually had two things going on this week! Our main Friday Fun and a mini-Fun, which I guess would actually be called a Tuesday Fun?

First, the best of #IdolMerchNoOneWants aka can you guess which of these products I would actually buy?

Secondly, as per Brian‘s suggeston, we also brought back #CocoReacts for one day only, to celebrate the birthday of my Gang Parade best girl. There was a lot of cake.

Maniac: If you’d like to see the results of last night’s impromptu #GusoDropIsOverParty, you can do that outside of this HTML.

Now on to this week’s fun. This has been one that has been sitting in the ideas bin for a while now. Ever since I made this Twitter post, Maniac has been really keen on doing an alignment chart fun, so its about time we used it, don’t you think?

This week, we want idol alignment charts! The above is a very broad version of what was popular on the site at the time, but I’d like to see you all get creative with this one! An alignment chart of producers? Ex-BiS projects, perhaps? Maybe its just all the faces Kika Front Frontalle pulls? It’s very easy to find alignment chart templates on Google, so have fun! It doesn’t even have to be the standard “Lawful-Chaotic Good-Evil” chart. If you can think of other types of alignment charts, don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit. Tweet your creations under #IdolAlignments and I’m sure Maniac will have a great time reading them! Maybe myself too, but you know, squid hell and all that.

This concludes your journey into a parallel dimension where Guso Drop isn’t disbanding!

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