Holy Shit, Guso Drop’s Breaking Up

What the hell is happening this morning?

Details are scant, but Natalie.mu has a tiny bit.

Sorry, I’m more than a little shocked; their ZEPP show is this weekend, and things seemed to be permanently looking chaotically up for the Heaviest Idol in the World. Hell, not that long ago, the idea of them potentially going on something of a world tour wasn’t completely out of the question.

Maybe it’s a hoax, or a weirdly confusing thing like when Shion first quit and they spent a day not really knowing what would happen. I literally thought that some iteration of Guso Drop would, like cockroaches, hold on until the bitter end of time.

More to come, I guess. But damn, like a functional month left with Guso Drop …

Kerrie speaks for us all:

17 thoughts on “Holy Shit, Guso Drop’s Breaking Up

  1. Running twitter through google gets me:
    Guso Drop, dissolve in August!
    And I will do a graduation live in October!

    I knew they were too … something, to last forever, but I wanted a few more years.
    That Zepp show is going to be pure chaos.

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  3. Guess we don’t need a vote on “saddest graduation” this year – it would be an insult for it even being an option.

  4. We need some of these rich salarymen old dude wota to get more interested and invested in chika idols instead of always the fluffy puffy trad idols.

  5. After riding the Babymetal train for three years and then stumbling into a world I thought was inhabited only by AKB48 spin offs I find bands like Bish, Maison Book Girls, You’ll Melt More!, Billie Idle and then the holly grail of my finds Guso Drop and their calling it quits! I would Crowdfund the crap out of this band and bring it to the world if I could. Worse news ever today.

    • I know. Guso Drop kind of barges into your brain and starts raiding the fridge. I’m still hoping that, in the end, it’s just a work and something good will come of it.

  6. Scrap the queen of the scene comp and just give it to Guso en masse.
    if only so we can hold on to them as long as possible.
    The world will be a grayer place without them. I’ve always thought their lives look like riotous fun for all concerned.

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  8. Feels like being thrown of a cliff getting the news Guso Drops
    breaking up 🙁

    If the main reason for Guso Drop break up is about money. Would it be possible to do a fan crowdfund or suggest that to the producer?

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