Let’s Prep for Queen of the Scene

See Papermaiden’s comment for a great example of how freely you, the individual person, can handle this part

So do you guys remember when the Corenament ended in a true shocker, as nominal champions Babymetal had their moment and title stolen away by a very pissed-off BiSH, and there was an epic Aina-vs.-Su-metal staredown and they vowed to settle the fight at QUEEN OF THE SCENE?

It’s time for us to do that. But first, we have some homework.

That we’re even starting this so late is totally my bad — plenty of work and personal obligations, then the site being eaten by its host, and something that I’d meant to start a month ago is just now seeing the light of day. But the extra time has given me a chance to think it through better, and I have a pretty neat competition put together, I think.

First order of business! This is an individual competition. No groups. Not at all. Su-metal gets a bye into the final rounds by dint of Babymetal’s Corenament victory, and will hold the #1 overall seed for what that’s worth (not much), but she’s going to face a lot of challenges because —

This is going to be more than voting, friends. This is Queen of the Scene, not some junky popularity contest that’s way easy to spam. We’re really going to test how many fans are out there, and just how much power and influence idols have over each other, and we’re going to find lots of ways to do it.

Which is not to say that there won’t be voting — there’ll be a lot of it! — only that voting is going to be just one component of how it all goes down.

Without giving away too many details, the gist is this: The preliminary round is round-robin group play, with the winner and runner-up of each division advancing to the real deal, which itself will be a series of randomly assigned matchup types and challenges, sprinkled with wild card entries of my own choosing, every one of which will last for a single day.

Nobody gets eliminated, per se, but instead accrues points per win-draw-loss, with a bunch of fun variables thrown in to keep it interesting. Will there be chair shots and run-ins? You betcha!

Because I am the Vincent K. McMahon of this shenanigan, I am also the boss, and I’ve already decided on which divisions we’ll use for the preliminaries and two entries per.


  • The Look (fashion or trend, iconic in their own way)
    Pikarin, Mashiro (Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da)
  • Supersonic (singing)
    Aina the End (BiSH), Nadeshiko (Yanakoto Sotto Mute)
  • Hell’s Angels (harsh vocals)
    Boss Rei (Guso Drop), Shidare (Not Secured, Loose Ends)
  • Whirlwinds (dance)
    Asumi (PLIC PROCK), Ikura (Q’ulle)
  • Edgecrushers (boundary blurrers, scene leaders, legends of the underground)
    Rinahamu (etc.), Kamiya Saki (BiS PARADE)
  • New School (recent debutantes, under 18, innovators)
    Cinnamon (Minna no Kodomochan), (Dots)
  • Sisterhood (who you’d want to party with)
    First Summer Uika (BILLIE IDLE), Chiffon (You’ll Melt More!)
  • Bow Down (the most worshipful)
    Sari (NECRONOMIDOL), Pour Lui (BiS)

I mentioned that it’s an individual competition (there can be only one Queen, you see), but a single group can have many entries … one per division, and each competitor can only be in one division. So think strategically about who really belongs where, and definitely think about the big names that I left out so far on purpose. And remember: Su-metal already has a bye.

The ultimate goal is to select the one idol who really reigns supreme over this whole alt-loud-iverse. Solo idols are highly encouraged, upsets heavily wished for. Just like with the Best Of nominations, total nominations per division will determine who gets in there. Cap of five per category, preferring four, minimum of three; because people won’t all be nominating the same individuals for each division, I’m going to give precedence to where they got the most nominations, period.

Kindly take care of all of this in the comments. In fact, discuss away! Don’t submit one name per division, either; think, “Hey, who’s actually a really good singer and would make a good match for Aina?”, knowing that the odds of said person actually facing Aina head-to-head outside of the round-robin preliminary are basically none, so they actually do have a chance!

What’s the point, anyway? Well, the winning Queen of the Scene, in addition to that awesome title, will become the Official Oshi of Homicidols.com for the rest of the year, and will therefore wind up getting some kind of idiotic feature — basically, this is your chance to either elevate your personal favorite in front of others, or to annoy the crap out of me, or even both!

This process is open through Saturday. I’ll tally it all up on Sunday, and the preliminaries kick off next week.

34 thoughts on “Let’s Prep for Queen of the Scene

  1. Boss for harsh vocals over Yuna? I’m disappointed, Yuna Shidare and even Hitomi from checkmate are vastly superior in sound and technique, Boss can barely manage a single scream anymore.

  2. I nominate Yuna (Passcode) for Hell’s Angels and Beni (Avandoned) for Sisterhood pls Maniac. (Am I doing this right?)

  3. The Look (fashion or trend, iconic in their own way)
    Younapi (YLMM) vs. (Kika Front, maybe? Kika needs to be in this category)
    Moga Mogami (dempagumi) vs Coshotaaaaaaan (MBG). We need at least one battle of blondes with the same hairstyle.

    Hell’s Angels (harsh vocals)

    Whirlwinds (dance)
    Pan Luna (that’s how I noticed her during the auditions, not that I expect her to survive her round)
    Rin Wada (MBG). She’s very sharp.
    Edgecrushers (boundary blurrers, scene leaders, legends of the underground)
    TOGAWA JUN (fight me.)
    Nozomi (?) (Billie Idle)

    New School (recent debutantes, under 18, innovators)
    Ruan (Den’nei to Shonen CQ)
    Tentenko (?)

    Sisterhood (who you’d want to party with)
    Kotao (Avandonned)
    Cococo (Tsurezure)
    Yotsu (Zenkimi)

    Bow Down (the most worshipful)
    Komachi due to her quiet, aloof demeanor and her impressive, unaccessible tweet-poetry.
    Yumemi Nemu

  4. The Look (fashion or trend, iconic in their own way)
    Hell’s Angels (harsh vocals)
    Yuna (Passcode)
    New School (recent debutantes, under 18, innovators)
    Momoland (BiS), Togaren (Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da)

  5. I’m fully aware probably half my choices won’t even qualify. Feel free to DQ whoever.

    The Look (fashion or trend, iconic in their own way)
    – Waka (Guso Drop, ex-Lolisyn REBOOT, ex-Gekidol)
    – Urara (Senritsu Melodious, ex-Porobaro)
    – Harusame Momoka
    Supersonic (singing)
    – Saki (2&)
    – Maina (Osaka Shunkashuuto)
    Whirlwinds (dance)
    – Yura (Guso Drop, now also lead choreographer for Himegoto Zettaichi)
    – KOTO
    Edgecrushers (boundary blurrers, scene leaders, legends of the underground)
    – Hoshina Fumimi
    – Miteru (Himegoto Zettaichi)
    -Pesyumo (LvortonX)
    New School (recent debutantes, under 18, innovators)
    – Kouzuki Anju

    plus dancer, ex-Junior Idol)
    – Noma Haruka (Asterism) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7Qi1nhM-GE)
    – Nabilah Ratna Ayu Azalia (JKT48, biggest metalhead idol I’m aware of even though it’s a) a 48group and b) Indonesian and not Japanese)
    Sisterhood (who you’d want to party with)
    – Kai (Zekkyou)
    – Yumino (Mabokare)
    – Asaka (Wagamama Kiite, formerly Mirumo in Porobaro)
    Bow Down (the most worshipful)
    – Montero (Zekkyou)

  6. Sisterhood
    Ichiho (Gokigen Teikoku)
    Maki (ayumikurikamaki)

    Sakura (C-Style)

    Emi (Desu.rabbits)
    Manatsu (Babyraids Japan)


    New School
    Karin (Desu.rabbits)- if just being under 18 is enough?
    Mei (There There Theres) – she debuted this year, is that good enough?

  7. A few to offer.. Some already mentioned by others that I concur with…

    The Look – Younapi

    Edgecrushers- Tentenko

    Whirlwinds – Koto

    New School – Kotao of Avandoned

    Sisterhood – Beni

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  9. ・The Look: Sari (NECRONOMIDOL), Waka (偶想Drop), Saki (GANG PARADE)
    ・Supersonic: MAINA (大阪☆春夏秋冬), Nadeshiko (ヤなことそっとミュート), Manatsu (ベイビーレイズJAPAN)
    ・Hell’s Angels: Yuna (PassCode), Shidare (ゆくえしれずつれづれ), Io (Broken By The Scream)
    ・Whirlwinds: Sari (PLIC PROCK), KOTO
    ・Edgecrushers: Ladybeard (DEADLIFT LOLITA), Maki (くぴぽ) [if you really want to blur boundaries..]
    ・New School: SUZUKA (新しい学校のリーダーズ) [puns, we got ‘em]
    ・Sisterhood: Naosuke (ベイビーレイズJAPAN), Yurapiko (偶想Drop), Konatsu (アップアップガールズ(仮)), Reni (ももいろクローバーZ)
    ・Bow Down: Pikarin, Himari (NECRONOMIDOL)

  10. For some reason there seems to one very big dog missing from this discussion.
    Ano-Chan from YLLM, she could in any of several categories The Look (for her modeling work), Edge Crushers (for all her different collaborations), Sisterhood (we have video evidence she’ll punch a gaiijin and if getting beat up by Ano-chan doesn’t sound like a party to you I have no interest in partying with you) or Bow Down (for all of the above). I don’t care what category, but Ano-Chan needs to be in.

  11. Montero

    I’ll also vote for Yamamoto Noa in your The Look category.

    Also, honourable mentions to Katsuki and Mikako from Yamitsuki Company, probably in the The Look category.

    Also, Halu-chan! (Diable Voix) (no idea on category)

    • If she’s in Diable Voix, she should go into Hell’s Angel (because I love the multilingual thematic going on there!)

      • Yes! Let’s go with that! Good job on the name-connection. She also did have my favourite screams in idols (back when she was in Lolisyn)… but… I don’t know if she does them anymore, she didn’t in her previous group before this one in the same agency (Psycho Predator) and I’ve never heard a single note of music from Diable Voix so don’t know if she does them now…

        • I’m just an overtly enthusiastic participant and Maniac has the final word, but since she was your favorite screamer and it’s about the girls themselves, it seems fine? I mostly added the groups to ensure no two were nominated in the same category at the same time and it makes for easier googling. But if she did screams, she could probably do it again, right?

  12. The Look (fashion or trend, iconic in their own way)
    Kai (Screaming Sixties), Pikarin, Mashiro (Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da)
    Supersonic (singing)
    Aina the End (BiSH), Maina (Osaka Shunkashuto), Momo (BILLIE IDLE), Saki (2&)
    Hell’s Angels (harsh vocals)
    Yuna (PASSCODE), Shidare (Not Secured, Loose Ends)
    Whirlwinds (dance)
    Ai (Malcolm Mask McLaren), MOAMETAL (BABYMETAL), Kaede (PASSCODE)
    Edgecrushers (boundary blurrers, scene leaders, legends of the underground)
    Montero (Screaming Sixties), Hanako-san, Maki (AYUMIKURIKAMAKI)
    New School (recent debutantes, under 18, innovators)
    Pan Luna (BiS), Ruka Mishina (The World Standard), Ayuni D (BiSH), Hinako (PASSCODE), Rei Kuromiya (BRATS), Minoru (JyuJyu)
    Sisterhood (who you’d want to party with)
    First Summer Uika (BILLIE IDLE), Ano (You’ll Melt More!), Chitti (BiSH), Mashilo (CY8ER), Atsuko (BiSH), Tentenko, Togaren (Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da)
    Bow Down (the most worshipful)
    Pour Lui (BiS) and this is where SU-METAL would go if she didn’t have a bye already. 😉

  13. WELP, Since most of my nominations got placed, guess I’ll just second a few and add maybe one.

    Seconding (or thirding and fourthing, whatever…) :

    Saki (2&) and Nadeshiko for Supersonic.

    Yuna, Shidare, and Hanako-San for Hell’s Angels.

    Rinahamu for Edgecrushers.

    Atsuko for Sisterhood.

    Pour Lui for Bow Down.

    MY ADDITIONS would be.

    Mani (Yanamyu) for Whirlwinds. (Probably all the girls in that group, the dance moves are pretty great.

    Risaki Kakizaki (Necroma) and Saki (Gang Parade/ BiS) for Bow Down.

    A final nomination I put by itself because it might not fit, would be Mizuta Mari from THE Natsu no Mamono. I know, technically they probably are not considered idols, as they are a group/band/wrestling thing. But, Mari is/was technically Idol, and Mizuho was part of Bellring…

    ANYWAY, this probably isn’t the place to go on a rant about my (recent/new found) love of THE Natsu no Mamono, but I would put Mari in Edgecrushers. I think she’s been versatile enough with Izukoneko, going on to be in what was probably one of the best Pop groups in a long time in Plastic 2 Mercy, before she left and they became P.O.P. And then, doing this. I think she’s got a great voice too, but I think she’d fit better in Edgecrushers. So, there’s my defense of the nomination…

    uhhh, carry on.


  14. The Look (fashion or trend, iconic in their own way):
    Hachigatsu-chan (Oyasumi Hologram), Younapi (Yurumerumo), Waka (Guso Drop), Himari (Necronomidol)

    Supersonic (singing):
    Saki (2&), Momose Momo (Billie Idle), Yufu Terashima

    Hell’s Angels (harsh vocals):

    Whirlwinds (dance):
    Koto, Yurapiko (Guso Drop)

    Edgecrushers (boundary blurrers, scene leaders, legends of the underground):
    Tentenko, Nicamoq

    New School (recent debutantes, under 18, innovators):
    Chiyono Ide (3776), idk how recent recent is but Kika (BiS), Ayuni D (BiSH)

    Sisterhood (who you’d want to party with):
    Kanamil (oysm hologram), Atsuko (BiSH), Ano (Yurumerumo), Yoneko (Migma Shelter)

    Bow Down (the most worshipful):
    Risaki Kakizaki (Necronomidol)

  15. The Look (fashion or trend, iconic in their own way)
    Pikarin, Miss Montero (Screaming 60s)

    Supersonic (singing)
    Emi (Desu.Rabbits)

    Hell’s Angels (harsh vocals)
    Shidare (Yukueshirezutsurezure), Hanako-san

    Whirlwinds (dance)
    Yuimetal (BABYMETAL), Yuzu (Desu.Rabbits)

    Edgecrushers (boundary blurrers, scene leaders, legends of the underground)
    Pour Lui (BiS), tentenko

    New School (recent debutantes, under 18, innovators)
    Chiyono Ide (3776)

    Sisterhood (who you’d want to party with)
    Ano (YurumeruMO!)

    Bow Down (the most worshipful)
    Boss Rei (Guso Drop (for as long as they exist)), Kuromiya Rei (TIFKA LADYBABY), Aina (BiSH)

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