The Nirvana Allusions Won’t Abate: BiSH NEVERMiND Tour

They named their fan club after an iconic song and are actually releasing albums at an even faster clip than grunge’s most “better to burnt out than fade away” irony headliners, so of course today’s obligatory BiSH post covers their early-2017 tour:

You can see the whole schedule here. It’s a much shorter tour than anything they’ve done in 2016, and thank goodness — they could all use a break.

I am a little concerned about all the Nirvana references, but what are you gonna do?

And if you’re one of those lucky ducks who can actually watch Japanese cable TV, you’ll be able to watch the Less Than SEX tour final live on MTV:

And if you’re one of those lucky ducks and able to recordthe Less Than SEX tour final …

I’m really enjoying watching them — somebody, really — become legitimately big in real time. Of course it only accelerates the inevitable breakup, but that only accelerates the sure-to-be-awesome VH1 Behind the Music doc where we learn that Momokan used to take a dump in Chitti’s purse, then immediately feel really badly and clean it up.

8 thoughts on “The Nirvana Allusions Won’t Abate: BiSH NEVERMiND Tour

  1. I notice that BiSH seems to spell out their goals pretty clearly. They let you know what they’re aiming for and how high.

    The Nirvana references are getting to the point: They have decided that they are the chosen “Alternative/Punk/non-traditional/whatever” idol group to break the mainstream mold and change the rules. They are the Nirvana of Jpop.

    I just hope there’s a happier ending.

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  3. I don’t care about BiSH, but grunge rock, along with techno, was the musical cancer of the nineties and I’m glad those dark days are now behind us.

  4. Oh, and the term “Alt-Idol” made me immediately think of the “Alt-Right”, for better or worse. Probably worse.

  5. I love Nirvana. And I love BiSH too. And since they decide they are going to run with this Nirvana theme….without a care of what anybody else thinks about it I would love if BiSH did a Nirvana cover.

    (imagines Aina’s vocals covering “About A Girl”) hot damn man 🙂

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