You Can Noir up Lyric Holic, But You Can’t Change Them Too Much

I may have been focused on more immediate phenomena, but 2018 may so far be unique for how it’s randomly had as many notable resurrections as its has graduations, let alone disbandments. Among them is Lyric Holic, who slaughtered and smashed their way through the chika scene with all the subtlety of a bulldozer (a bloody bulldozer) for a few years before ostensibly deciding to call it quits. To the surprise of not too many people, though, the group was re-formed around last-to-join Shiorin a la Mode, added Noir to the name and … well, I had set these tweets aside for a post that I thought would’ve been done a couple of months ago at this point, but I think they still pertain:

So a touch of S&M, then gussy up the outfits. But would they still be among the very heaviest things that idol can produce?

They sure can! Arguably in just as ridiculous a measure at that, using the same extremely lo-everything video techniques as the predecessor.

I’ve given up on ever having Lyric Holic, Noir or otherwise, make too big a splash beyond even just a particular subset of gaijin wotadom, but hot damn do I still get excited about the little things. Nobody passive-agressively mopes through lip-synced brutal death growls in quite the same way.

This pup releases in a couple of weeks. Let’s hope that it sells out and prompts a quick return to even more Alice madness: