So Lyric Holic Will Live Again, Presumably Darker

Once upon a time, when I’d scour YouTube for just about anything idol+metal-related, I stumbled across a significantly strange MV. The song was like something out of a Tim Burton film, and the visuals were like the same, only live-action and with a double dose of PG-13 eroticism. It was Lyric Holic (or Lyric Holic Revue, if you want to be a jerk about it). Eventually, they’d release one of the most incredibly loud songs with one of the lowest-budget MVs one could conceive, and then somehow manage to double down on that several months later. They had some member turnover, as idol will, but in Tama they had a great lead, and they were just always working-working-working.

And then it was over. One of my very favorite chronically unsuccessful idol projects was dead.

But just like Zombie Jesus on Easter morning, they rose again!

Meet Lyric Holic Noir:

The members:

Shiorin a la Mode returns, presumably as leader (and was suspiciously the only member who wasn’t clearly up to something or another when I checked up on them a while ago). These other two, I’m trying to figure it out. I kind of want Noa to be that NoA, even though I’m sure she isn’t; the third member, Cure, is … well, I’m dying to see this girl in anything called “noir”:

Presumably much will be revealed on Feb. 1 now that a 100 RT challenge was met. I now officially am on mild tenterhooks to see what happens next!

h/t Viz Major