Lyric Holic’s ‘Awaking Blood’ Will Definitely Do That for You

Are you ready for some metal? I hope so!

That’s a lot of metal! For all the hubbub around certain album releases, the recent appearance of Alice madness is one of the few signs in a while that idol metal does exist outside of a select few at the top of the heap and a big morass in the underground.

I have this great big soft spot for Lyric Holic. In a lot of ways, they’re the best at their tier in the idol metal hierarchy; in a lot of other ways, they’re the canary in the coal mine as far as just how much stratification there is in that hierarchy. The punk and -core and alt stuff, idol-wise, is just so much better developed and supported (which, hey, I just described the Western music scene at the same time), and a lot of groups that could/should be doing damage seem like they’re either mired or on life support. Maybe some recent signs of life can invigorate the heaviest stuff in the indies.

Like, I always want to give Lyric Holic just the tiniest bit of money so they can do more than just film in a spare room or on a frequently reused set, and do visual effects that might actually be better than what my old media intern could manage a decade ago … and a better mixer and cleverer producer, etc.

They’d probably just spend all the dough on elaborate headgear, anyway.

And if you’ve been paying attention, this is now the second video release of theirs (“Alice” from the same-named DVD) that goes to the least of lengths to convince me that any of the members are singing live at any given time. Truly fantastic.

3 thoughts on “Lyric Holic’s ‘Awaking Blood’ Will Definitely Do That for You

  1. So they’ve been fucking around for 2 years now and have only produced one album?
    Maybe they haven’t figured out by now that everybody views them as a Liv Moon or Rami rip-off. The songs aren’t bad, just way late to the party.YAWN

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