And Now Even Lyric Holic Has Bitten the Dust

At least I can stop complaining about idol being boring this year; the death toll alone is incredible. Lyric Holic, at times the most viciously loud thing in idol but also capable of real-deal beauty (because Tama), had their final one-man later today*. Maybe it means something that I wouldn’t have even known it if not for randomly seeing a tweet from a member of another (friendly) group** wishing them well:

Idol English, man

I’d point you to stuff directly from the official account, but it appears to have simply given up. Instead, we tell a story with the members themselves!

So: It was called “The Story of Alice”, and it featured a band:

Shiorin didn’t have anything to add, so here’s a photo:

As for Tama, the real driving force behind the whole thing? In addition to, like, actually promoting the live and her group right to the end, she did the ol’ diary-via-png-thing:

This is a pretty sad outcome, but also one to be expected, eventually. Without trying to pretend to know how old the members are or anything, I can say that a couple of years is a pretty solid run when you’re that deep in the underground, and being as (relatively) well-known as Lyric Holic despite never having really had a song or video of particular note, that’s as true a testament to hard work as anything.

It also isn’t true to say that they didn’t really have anything of note; it’s just a matter of perspective. The “Awaking Blood” video alone, now past a year old, could peel the nicotine scum out of your lungs, for crap’s sake. It’s just that some things strike gold and some don’t, you know?

Sayonara, Lyric Holic, and the best of luck to all of you.

*I’ll never get tired of writing tense-proof sentences like this
**I feel like there’s a weird irony in referring to Kimi to Boku in this case, you know?