Prepare Yourself before Consuming the New Wyenra

Yeah, okay, ol’ Maniac tends to do a little of the hyperbole thing every so often, and maybe sometimes gets ahead of himself for emphasis, but shut up you guys, when I said this really nice thing about Wyenra, I meant it. The only problem has been that they’ve had the audacity to wait a few months before putting out something new and cool again.

This is how you rectify, apparently

I’m not sure if I’ve ever encountered a weirder juxtaposition between sound — in this case, like a mad carnie got an opportunity to write for somebody like Himegami CRISIS — and visuals, but maybe it’s a skilled way of representing the fraught inter-relational chaos between bullies and the bullied, as expressed through song. Or, like, maybe it’s sending up the notion of control, premising inevitable self-destruction to those who would seek to destroy others. Poetic!

Or maybe it’s just meant to be kind of madcap. Decide for yourself! Then likewise get ready for their one-man, a mere two months away. The overall strength of the self-produced idol club may be revealed.