Lyric Holic, Not Dead, Kills

Lyric Holic lives! Or, I guess LyricHolicNoir is how they prefer it to be rendered nowadays. All well and good! This is one of my OG idol metal units, long a favorite to follow if only for the fact that I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what the hell was going on at any given time, and also Tama was fun to interact with here and there. After the original trio all finished graduating, I completely lost track of that maybe the kink-lolita thing they were kind of going with, and that was that. I hadn’t thought of them in months!

And then yesterday, tootling as I was after some other thing that got buried in my YouTube notifications, I found MVs! New ones! Brand new ones! And with them news of a dang EP that they’re calling a single because that’s the world we live in! Did I give those puppies a spin and immediately feel like I was in some dank torture dungeon? You bet!

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You Can Noir up Lyric Holic, But You Can’t Change Them Too Much

I may have been focused on more immediate phenomena, but 2018 may so far be unique for how it’s randomly had as many notable resurrections as its has graduations, let alone disbandments. Among them is Lyric Holic, who slaughtered and smashed their way through the chika scene with all the subtlety of a bulldozer (a bloody bulldozer) for a few years before ostensibly deciding to call it quits. To the surprise of not too many people, though, the group was re-formed around last-to-join Shiorin a la Mode, added Noir to the name and … well, I had set these tweets aside for a post that I thought would’ve been done a couple of months ago at this point, but I think they still pertain:

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So Lyric Holic Will Live Again, Presumably Darker

Once upon a time, when I’d scour YouTube for just about anything idol+metal-related, I stumbled across a significantly strange MV. The song was like something out of a Tim Burton film, and the visuals were like the same, only live-action and with a double dose of PG-13 eroticism. It was Lyric Holic (or Lyric Holic Revue, if you want to be a jerk about it). Eventually, they’d release one of the most incredibly loud songs with one of the lowest-budget MVs one could conceive, and then somehow manage to double down on that several months later. They had some member turnover, as idol will, but in Tama they had a great lead, and they were just always working-working-working.

And then it was over. One of my very favorite chronically unsuccessful idol projects was dead.

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