Wonder Lander Springs Anew

Ah, Wonder Lander, part of Maniac’s official Seasonal Guilty Pleasures list, a group so hard to define that I often just land on “like if college radio and VH1 had a baby before VH1 got kind of cool.” This is an awkward post about them, and not because it’s not positive (it’s entirely positive!) but because, well, I hadn’t even noticed that they weren’t active, seeing as how they were posting live photos less than two weeks ago, but I caught this out of the corner of my eye last week:

What what the heck’s going on? I don’t know, not completely, but they’re clearly now a duo, and (probably for contractual reasons) they’ve made a pretty clean break from prior regimes, even though Aya’s still with the team and possibly physically incapable of ever leaving. But that sort-of purge of the group’s up-and-down history means a whole bunch of new-sounding stuff on their Soundcloud!

There are so many tracks!

Sounds pretty good to me! I’ll admit to a really hard bias: Ever since I first heard them, I’ve had an enormous soft spot for this quirky, off-beat, hard-to-pint-down unit and its almost total lack of pretense. Sans the usual posturing of punk or metal stuff, they’ve still always been out there, leading with their chin and basically daring wota to take them or leave them. May the sun never set on the current duo!