This Is the Nicest DESURABBITS Song You’ve Ever Heard

Few things in life as half as joyous as fun surprises from the things that aren’t your absolute favorite, but you root for anyway. So is the case with this new one from the Idols Formerly Known as Both Deathrabbits and Desu.Rabbits, DESURABBITS: My fraught history with this remarkable project needn’t be revisited except to say that I was basically not a fan but grew to be converted to an overall supporter, and so the advances that they make along the way always leave me feeling genuinely happy for them. And why not? They have a completely unique style, they’re well-regarded in the scene and they are, ultimately, clearly having a great time with what they do.

So imagine my face yesterday when this happened:

Now where have I seen that church set before?

Well isn’t that nice! I don’t know why I was so surprised to hear a power ballad, but there you have it. It’s got all of the tropes, too, from the romantic wedding-reminiscent video setting to the lurking stormtrooper well, that mostly. You can practically hear the Pachelbel. Also a very intelligent choice to have this basically just be Emi’s thing, though negative points are appended to the overall score for insisting on involving Bucho as anything other than window dressing. It’s a really nice tune — just let it stand on its own!

This is ultimately their 10th single when it gets released in September as part of the kind of periodic shifting-of-eras thing that groups as well-seasoned as DESURABBITS will go through. (I feel like I’m missing details that I’m also not terribly motivated to track down, so feel free to set that particular record straight, gang.) So, in a way, it’s also just the right song for a major milestone.

You can buy/stream just the one track now:

If you’d asked me four(!) years ago when I was first putting things together for this site, Maniac, do you think that Deathrabbits will still be a thing in 2019 and releasing their 10th single and making it a really nice power ballad?, I would have replied, No, you silly person, and if they are still a thing and releasing new material at that point it will be with different members and probably without the weird guy! I have clearly always been an idiot.