Who Did It Best? BiS or BiS? Don’t Miss It!

That’s the worst title you’ve ever written, guy

Oh man, I dang near forgot about BiS! The original Maidens* of Mayhem have gone through a lot of changes over the past few months, not the least of which being this dual lineup business and the (I am so tired) BiS LEAGUE.** There have been plenty of questions about how that was going to work. Same songs? Same MVs? Apparently!

Here’s BiS 1st:

And BiS 2nd!

And thus was answered the questions!

I have to say, despite my usual affection for gross stuff, junkyards and Aya, I’m giving this one to Team Zeela; by necessity, their newbie members had a lot more to do, and there was something more honestly trashy about it.

I also have to say that, heck, this is one of the most BiS-expectant things they’ll have released since The Great Comeback of 2016. Like, it doesn’t sound like Classic BiS, but like something Classic BiS would do a few years removed from then, as tastes changed and beat mints boyz (sigh) solidified their grasp over the creative.*** Oh, and the model turned more from using sex as a weapon or joke and instead using it as a tool, but whatever, maybe that’s somehow more scandalous nowadays. And I say this after originally wanting to write that I didn’t think I’d ever be comparing a BiS song to something by mistress, at least not in the order of attribution meant by that syntax! So it goes.

So okay. First single. Lui gone, Saki gone, Momo gone, Aya back, four newbies in. It works for now, doesn’t it? Now I guess we see how it plays out in the BiS LEAGUE?

If you wanted the necessary details:

**I have no idea how BiS LEAGUE works
***Remember when BiS wasn’t just an extension of the house band?

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