This Is What BiS Looks Like Now

First things first: I am way too tired to try to do much of anything with the new BiS lineups, so let’s all thank John for handling that adroitly. The new members have names! The all members have a new look! My girl Zeela is starting to weird me out a little bit! It’s fine!

Second things second: This is all predicated on the BiS League results and the first post-Pour Lui single, which … I guess is for both groups? Is one secretly like the A team and the other the B? Will there eventually be an all-star game? Again, way too tired.

Last thing last: I feel like I know why Lui jumped ship.

I have kind of been waiting for this announcement, it always find it interesting what names idols will be given. Is that weird? Anyway, BiS 1st and BiS 2nd have announced their full lineups and I want you all to have the information.

via BiS 1st And BiS 2nd Lineups Announced — Straight From Japan

5 thoughts on “This Is What BiS Looks Like Now

    • They’re questions worth asking, and a good point worth making. Quite a few people have been advancing the “now BILLIE IDLE is the real BiS” line the last several days.

    • I could be wrong but I think there was some initial report that said 1st would be the only ones to get music videos – I could be wrong, though, and I could see them making a BiS2nd video for “TiME OVER”.

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