A Friday Fun Ripped Straight from the Headlines

Wow, this was a busy Fun last week, guys? You sure like WACK memes, don’t you?

Twitter is broken

Must… not… write about… WAgg…

Can’t… make… two WACK… Funs… in.. a row…

Where’s that old Fun I had in the archives?


Kudos to @salemblack4ever for the inspiration for this week’s fun (months in advance due to this Fun getting pushed back more times than your average Rockstar game) via this tweet:

Now, what happened here? Well obviously this happened during their street live, but you know me, I love to make ridiculous backstories over anything.

Here’s another angle btw

So now Burst Girls have officially cemented themselves as the hardest group in idol (have any of your faves gotten into trouble with police mid-performance? Didn’t think so) let’s get to scheming! Come up with an explanation for this picture with #HowBurstGirlGotArrested. I wonder if this Friday Fun will be adopted by the fandom and members too?

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