This New Husky Song Is Wild

I’d ordinarily just Weekender something like this, but you guys really need to give this song a whirl, just to continue in the spirit of that good hard comebacker from BiS.

Husky! Remember husky? I do, because in addition to being the kind of relative newcomer that seemed like they warranted actually following, their name spawned some great responses on account of me not understanding that particular selection of a name. Brian got right to the heart of it:

Manager-san wanted to be very clear with me:

And here we are. Anyway! That all was just to bring you up to speed. The real purpose of this post is this song, which currently has no vocals but does have lyrics, and which I genuinely and unironically love:

The so-mentioned lyrics:

This is such a strong crop of newbie idols lately, or at least of producers of them. I say again, what felt like it was losing steam about a year ago has come back around way more interesting. Different in style and tone in a lot of ways, but all-around stronger.