When Leaders Go Down, Leaders Step Up

I’m late to report on this, but here’s the deal:

Suzuki Ayame, the leader (and last original member?) of Mugen Regina is yet another idol with health issues. Rather than outright quit, though, she’s taking a break.

But Mugen Regina apparently isn’t going to miss a beat! It’s just that, seeing as how they just lost their center and are more than a little in transition, they can’t simply hand their material over to two members when it had been prepared for four; they just finished re-arranging for three!

So stepping into the breach, not really like an idol Willis Reed but I’ve always wanted to make that comparison*, will be the leader of Mugen Regina’s Life Is Sweet Music sister group Haloperi Doll, the woman known as An’z-don. And you’re like, wow, that’s double duty, but then you remember that these are groups that do three or four songs and an MC bit and then their stage time is up, so I think An’z can handle it.

That’s a surprising amount of actual idol news reportage via yours truly. To get back to our regularly scheduled programming, here’s what An’z was just up to:

Selenium Cellen’s birthday live. Gotta love an idol who receives a giant novelty coffin thing as a birthday gift.

H/t Philler for discerning what was actually happening.

*I think Maki from AKM going on with her arm in a sling is better, but oops.

5 thoughts on “When Leaders Go Down, Leaders Step Up

  1. An’z is also in a band, and presumably also has a day-job, so hopefully she’s not overdoing it.
    I’d been thinking they might just fold what’s left of Mugen into Haloperi; this is a less drastic solution, i suppose.

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