At Least Mugen Regina’s Going to Go Somewhat out in Style

So just following up on Mugen Regina’s indeterminate hiatus situation, they’ve apparently decided that going gently into that good night is going to be a rager:

If you’re keeping score at home, that’s how you do it. Continue reading

An End and New Beginning for Mugen Regina

After all of the drama, what was practically a fait accompli going all the way back to June is now official — Suzuki Ayame is done with Mugen Regina:

You can read the official statement from Luna Factory here, as well as Ayame’s letter (if you can Japanese). And as if to lend credence to her actually being ill (for once), she’s not even going to get a farewell event with fans:

Or, possibly, somebody burned a bridge or something. I’ve largely given up hope of ever understanding what the hell’s going on behind the scenes.

However, all of that being acknowledged, Mugen Regina is in fact moving on. Continue reading

When Leaders Go Down, Leaders Step Up

I’m late to report on this, but here’s the deal:

Suzuki Ayame, the leader (and last original member?) of Mugen Regina is yet another idol with health issues. Rather than outright quit, though, she’s taking a break. Continue reading