Fantasy Metal Hiding in Plain Sight: Who All Knows about Phantom Voice?

You guys! I’ve been somewhat ill for the last little while and mostly picking my spots in terms of work, and any time that happens turns into Maniac-checks-out-others’-video-feeds time. I found a lot of cool stuff and will be sharing it out as possible, but you have to check this out:

(via Pure Idol Heart)

That right there is Phantom Voice (Twitter, Facebook[!]), and that’s the trailer for their Phantom Party live DVD.

I have so many questions. Who the hell are Phantom Voice? How have they been so under the radar (as far as we’re concerned) for so long? Why hasn’t anybody pointed them out before?

EDIT: Got a tip about this third video being bad — it should be fixed now.

I mean, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking at this as epic power pop or de-powered melodic fantasy metal; these are some pretty cool heavy songs. And while a live DVD doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve made it, it’s more than some others have and more than most ever get to. They clearly have a place in this weird little world; what’s the deal?

Edit: Title typo. Oh, and I fixed a video. Told you I was sick.

7 thoughts on “Fantasy Metal Hiding in Plain Sight: Who All Knows about Phantom Voice?

  1. I only saw them live one time at an idol fest in Kawasaki. I hate to say it but neither the girls nor the music captured my imagination. But that’s just me. They did have a rather sizeable amount of very enthusiastic fans at said event.

    • That’s the thing! They have this obvious and real fan base — they’re clearly doing something right. So weird that I never even saw them on Twitter up until now.

  2. Oh, in the top two vids, the cute one is still there (she left and is now in ClipClip).

    Similar to BongoTheMongo, I only saw them once, but they did absolutely nothing for me… but I know a couple of people who are really into them.

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