Your Homicidols Weekender #64

Good morning! That was a weird week in idol, wasn’t it? Like, not active per se, but what did happen was pretty significant. And we ain’t done yet! Plenty of things crammed into Friday and are leaking over into the weekend. Which is great for me, as it means … scheduling posts ahead of time! Also just wait for a 2& Day recap.

Also, I may as well warn you: Tomfoolery is afoot.

For now? You know the drill. Play the Fun, enjoy yourself some random here in the Weekender, and have as good a time as you can!

This Looks Like a Lot

Mani, child, you need to remember to scrub off your shopping list before you go on stage:

Poor Shidare’s pupper passed on:

There’ll never be a shortage of jazzy idols as long as people with good sense exist; now it’s time for Up Up Girls 2:

You’re going to learn to love Melon Batake a Go Go if you haven’t already:


I love that Zeela did her level best to make Momo into something other than a living doll:

It’s time for that Broken By The Scream one-man band gig:


How portentous of you, Aphrodite:

Bekah and Ashley at it again:

Did I remember to include this ayumikurikamaki thing yet? Not this, but the art; I couldn’t remember:

Why the hell did I watch this?

Worlds collide; click for discussion:

CY8ER’s new album will revisit the BPM15Q era:


Good times at the Fringe Idol Festival:

Also, NECRONOMIDOL’s very NFL segment with NSK might be my favorite thing that NSK’s ever done:

Twin tails:

Another take:



A new single is coming from Wagamama Rakia:

Hey, Kimi to Boku, Sometimes Melanchoic

copes bride

— 君と僕、ときどきメランコリック (@kimitobokutdm) February 1, 2018

Is Carya idol? Does it matter?

I got really excited for a second and thought that this was going to be a new record from Strawberry Painkiller, but alas it’s just another photobook:

There will be a memorial album from Ladybaby, which just raises more questions, honestly:

Candye Syrup on TV:

Dem DAIDAIDAI details:


You might dig this fairies song:

Snowdrop is now officially Zankyou Symmetry, and management is, per usual, tweeting out barely audible samples of saxophone solos:

AIBECK has good lives:



Brian does art too:

I don’t know if I’ve ever had occasion to even notice an interview with a member of sora tob sakana:

Uipon and Tenten hung out and made an appetizer from that ~ Italian place down the street:

When was the last time that you saw Kika with a bare face?

Have a great weekend!

Had a fascinating conversation about this literal hip-hopera the other day

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  1. The Next Music From Tokyo 12 lineup/venue details have been announced, though tickets aren’t on sale yet. Koutei Camera Girl Drei is coming back, but I think this time there will also be a Koutei Camera Gal performance at all of the venues, instead of just the first show!

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