Love Is Pointless: NEVE SLIDE DOWN to Disband

I was in a mood even before the tweet from Viz Major:

The real link is here. There’s no explanation yet, just the obligatory apology.

The members’ statements are the usual “we did this, we had struggles but overcame them, we love our fans, sorry, we’ll do our best until the end” thing:

There’s going to be a final tour of sorts, stretching into February:

And so it goes. PassCode gets most of the attention, but Garry was right going all the way back to last year, when NSD was putting out some of the best, and least-appreciated, material this side of a mixing board; they even had one of my favorites for this year.

Hell, since the birth of NEVE SLIDE DOWN, I’m not sure that big-sister PassCode has put out a single release that’s individually better than any one NEVE SLIDE DOWN release (and PassCode had a great one of their own!)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have another feature that I’m supposed to be writing but will instead go kick my neighbor’s dog.