Track List and Album Art for Billie Idle’s “bi bi bi bi bi”

While we still haven’t seen the face of the group’s newest addition and poor Noni just had to do their radio show by herself, Billie Idle continues to grind away. Following on the news of the release of bi bi bi bi bi, they’re back with album art:

Cover for Japanese idol punk group Billie Idle's bi bi bi bi bi album

And a track list:

  1. 泣きそうサンデー
  2. pet
  3. 本当の夢を
  4. BiG BiG WAVE
  5. 理由無き反抗期
  6. はじまりエモーション
  7. 陽気なビーチサイド
  8. 明日、明日、明日
  9. ふたしかなメロディ
  10. ジャッキーの大冒険 ~地獄よりの使者~

I have no idea what most of that says! But I will be very disappointed if “BiG BiG WAVE” isn’t a surf song. Idol needs more of that, period.

More details.

2 thoughts on “Track List and Album Art for Billie Idle’s “bi bi bi bi bi”

  1. Do we know if there’s any Yuuhi left on this album? In my mind, that’s supposed to be her on the cover art, unless Momo’s illusive younger sister is the tallest of the bunch. Then again when have the pictures on Billie Idle cover art ever been representative of anyone… or their lips? I just got back from being off the grid, It looks like it’ll take weeks to catch up on the BiS and BiS-affiliate news that I’ve missed!

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