All Right, It’s PASSPO Time

People have been giving me crap about not including PASSPO (Twitter) on this site since its very first week. I fell back on the “no bands” rule as the primary reason to keep them away, yes, but I also could easily cite things like this.

A number of people have pointed out, though, that I’m probably missing the boat on PASSPO. Not only do they often not perform as a band (“that’s Band PASSPO, you n00b”), they are also capable of getting a little harder than your standard idol offerings.

I was, however, unmoved until Caleb decided to play at my mutual loves of hard rock and puns:

Well that was certainly a better result than I anticipated! What else have I been missing, Caleb?

You don’t say! That’s pretty good. I mean, idorock doesn’t always rock, you know, so much as have some guitars and a nice bass line or something. We just got to look at Babyraids Japan, and that was a nice recall of them, but–

Okay, okay, I get it, they’re–

You know what? If they promise to play nicely, PASSPO can stay. Are you jerks happy?

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