New Material from Yanakoto Sotto Mute

First things first, you know that if I hear that the literal coolest thing in idol is already on the verge of another EP release, I’m going to only waste minimal time in telling you, right? Well:

Set your calendar for Nov. 26, because. It’ll be good for you.

And if I hear that Yanakoto Sotto Mute has rolled out a new song, you’d better bet your sweet bippy that I’m going to very quietly lose my mind over the fact. Via Viz Major on the Idolmetal group:

With a title like that, one could be led to believe that the post-grungy alt-rock Yanamyu might be covering Pearl Jam (or Willie Nelson covering Pearl Jam), but that’s not the case. Instead, it’s a song that I’d probably have demanded be played at my prom and then sulked when it wasn’t because I was one of those jackass kids.

But can I just say that I love the ever-living Christ out of Yanamyu? You may have noticed that I indulge in hyperbole just the tiniest bit around here, but I really do feel like some god (probably of the harvest) decided to make me something nice, and that something nice was an idol group that’s so totally right in my wheelhouse that I’m actually mad at you guys for not thinking more highly of their cross-continental potential.

Like, if big sisters Bellheart want to get to Coachella, can I find ways to book Yanakoto Sotto Mute to tour as an opener for the actual Pearl Jam and/or Foo Fighters? Or, I don’t know Sara Bareilles or something. Whatever. Bring them to my country so I can follow them on tour for nightly 30-minute sets.