I’m Breathing a Sigh of Q’ulle Relief

Updated: A Re:Start live of their own on Jan. 7, kind of doubling down on the band thing, and more references to a new label without saying what that is. Whatever. Q’ulle lives!

Today’s a light one, gang, because life doesn’t slow down just because you’d like it to (I am listening to Darkthrone, and I’d like for things to be quite slow indeed!). BUT I’d made a point to check up on Q’ulle’s Other Side of HOPE Asian tour finale that happened tonight, seeing as how there was some uncertainty as to just what would happen with Q’ulle at this point, new album aside.

And —

All right, what’s it gonna be?

That was a terrible tease. I’m sorry.

What it’s gonna be is … they’re going to release that album! On Wednesday! Actually, the most interesting thing in that blog post (by Manako) is that they first played two of the songs, “COLORS” and “OVER,” and she soloed and guitared on “OVER” and was quite tearful about the whole thing.

I wonder how recovered Maamu was?

Anyway, I just spent a few minutes going through the Q’ullesphere to get some hints as to exactly what the deal’s going to be, and:

So they’re on Tower now? Does that mean T-Palette? Allow me to presume so for the sake of making this joke: Why, they could have the amazing success of constant-roster-and-identity-changes GANG PARADE or Hello-Project-won’t-acknowledge-us-as-theirs UP UP GIRLS or it-took-us-a-decade-to-make-it-to-Budokan-as-Perfume’s-second-fiddle Negicco!

It’s just a joke and stuff, Negicco! You know that I love you like nothing else! We all know that anti-onion bias is what held you back!

Regardless, new label, continuation confirm-confirmed, and PLEASE Q’ulle, you’re cool and good and the best dancers in the business, but do me a favor and get more rock sound back into the mix before I have to start treating you like the actual Bon Jovi, not the idol Bon Jovi.