This Video Checks off Just about Every Geek Trope Possible

Sorry gang, we’re having ourselves one of those “this is how much we care about you and you care about the organization” weekly things, so I’m a little bit tied up schedule-wise and have to cut corners where possible.

So, for instance, rather than chase down this particular WTF lead, I’m just going to ask: What’s all this now?

Pure Idol Heart is the source. Magical Girl Seiren (Twitter). Sixth single! This is not new!

Like, here’s even more right in the same bent, only kind of like a cheery game show theme:

They look like a subunit of a more traditional formation? Judging by the rest of their discography, I think that’s accurate. Or maybe a “this is what the kids like now” semi-rebrand?

It’s like a producer reached into some awkward teenager’s brain and just started pulling out likes, then compiled that into an idol group. Amazing.