I Have No Idea What the Hell yandoll Is Doing

Please tell me there are some yandoll fans out there. This all-time weirdo group has always made the most of their sickness theme for at least as long as I’ve known about them, with some very cool musical moves that unfortunately have always kind of been overshadowed by promotional gimmicks and general weirdness. Nothing wrong with that! Idol is kind of self-definitive that way.

But the reason that I hope there’s a fan or two who can chime in is that I literally stopped paying attention to yandoll a while ago, save for as the occasional Weekender filler, because this is at the end of the day a music website and see above, so I don’t know if this latest, uh, promotion is tied to anything or just the kind of thing idols will do for shits and giggles. It’s a who-has-the-best-video-short contest? Continue reading

Hey! Enter This Contest for 2& Stuff

So as mentioned in the Weekender, this was a busy last few days for pretty much everybody on Team Homicidols. I espied this all the way back on Monday, in fact, when I was at Peak Busyness, and really just wanted to get it out the door, only for, well, everything else to intervene. Nonetheless! It must be done, as the subject of this post, our very own Yes She’s Still the Official Oshi She Won the Contest Saki from/who is 2& has a contest in honor of, well, just read the tweet:

Do it. And because I have nothing else worthwhile to add, enjoy this photo of Saki’s forehead:

Scream into Phone, Win Prize

We haven’t had a whole lot to say about PassCode this year, gang, and frankly it makes me sad. I have a deep bias for Osaka’s loudest denizens, and I genuinely really loved their Clarity album even though I couldn’t get it past the Best Of censors and onto the final ballot. It is nonetheless right and good that we should at all times and in all places make a big deal out of PassCode-related things when those things are fun, and especially when they involve the masses doing a thing together to support their favorite loudols.

In this case, that thing is a, well, look at the title of this post, then watch this video, then go to the description and copy it and paste it into your favorite translation app (or use a browser extension like a fancy person!) and figure it out, jack!

Basically, you get the app, you record yourself shouting, and you enter into a worldwide(?) competition with lots and lots of other people, including members of PassCode, to see who’s got the goods and takes home … some kind of prize? I didn’t read that far, and frankly I happen to best like the idea of this being a competition entirely for respect, and that some random person in like Chile winds up being ranked first ahead of Yuna and then everybody high-fives them and laughs.

Sounds fun!

Let Me Help You or a Friend Go See Necroma, Yanamyu and Hanako-san in the Godly Flesh

The East Meets West Music Fest! You know what it is — NECRONOMIDOL, Yanakoto Sotto Mute and Hanako-san, in Anaheim in a month’s time, joined by a mess of metal bands and not-from-Japan idols for a two-day celebration of the collision of western and Japanese music, culture, etc. Yep, it’s peak Homicidols Dot Com:

  • Mission statement
  • Idol besties
  • Favorite idol thing ever
  • Unofficial site mascot

And I’m not even going! Circumstances collided in a perfect storm of things that preclude ol’ Maniac’s participation, which sucks mightily, but guess what.

Seriously, guess. Continue reading

Of Screaming Spring Queens and Treasure

Hey gang! I invited back Pukovnik Krv to complete the saga he started a little while back, aka Screaming Sixties’ efforts in the Queen of Idol competition. Can you guess the result?

So, remember last week when I was writing a post about Zekkyousuru 60do’s participation in a competition on TV in which the winners would be crowned queens of the idol world? It finally aired.

In a spirited affair, reminiscent of Homicidol’s own Corenament, minus the spambots and cheating, Zekkyou took on the bathykolpian divas of KNU, who took victory in A block with the theme of performing in their own clothes, and the relatively tame Mirai Skirt of B block, with the theme of using dialects. The theme this time around was covering the debut songs of other artists.

KNU chose to cover “Odoru Ponpokorin” by B.B.Queens, Zekkyou covered Puffy’s “Asia no Junshin” and Mirai Skirt covered the amazing “Chokotto Love” by Pucchimoni. The voting was much as the previous rounds, with each group providing 30 fans, and the groups ranked from first to last to avoid just everyone voting for themselves.

Maniac: I skipped it ahead a little, but by all means go back to the beginning for the beer commercials and stuff

Continue reading

Pre-order ‘MISS UNLIMITED’, Win Prize

This is kind of a cool promo by PassCode:

Basically: Continue reading

Final Idol Mashup Contest Results and Whew

I’m extraordinarily late on reporting this; forgive me, it’s been a weekend.

But after a great big surge of votes on Friday, I can report that, by a very narrow margin, ProFiction and his guitar cover of “Sis. Anger” edged ramenshuriken’s vocal+ cover of “Megitsune.”

I’m not kidding about the surge. Something like most of those votes happened in the final day, and most of those in the final hour. I’m not asking questions, just pointing it out.

ProFiction, an email is heading in your direction. Ramenshuriken, that was really close, and you did a great job, and may there be additional good chances for you to walk off with some swag.

And … stay tuned for another little game in the very near future!

Final Contest Finale: Vote!

Well if that wasn’t a marathon and a half.

Our first three contests were pretty cool, but I was rather eagerly waiting for the results here: How could you all do mashing up or covering some homicidol classics? Continue reading

Hail to the Victors! It’s a Three-for-Two Deal

As weird luck would have it, in the course of voting for the winners in the first two contests, we ultimately only had … well, to call it one submission would be inaccurate: Rather, futon, the Redditor who’s made a legend out of Babymetal / legend mashups, shared an Imgur album that straight-up intimidated the competition away from competition.

Get in on the contest finale!

Ergo, we have three winners to celebrate! Continue reading

Two Prizes Won, One Yet to Come, and Our Final Competition Kicks Off

The first two contests are wrapped up; a separate post on the winners will follow. Ultimately, nobody wanted to challenge the legendary futon in the idols+legends art contest, so, futon, congrats.

With all of that settled, let’s get down to the grand finale.

I Love the Sound of Kawaii Thunder Prize Pack

For the truest connoisseur, the lover of sound, those who want every bass note to shake them to the core, I have our most ambitious contest to date.

I want you to make music. Show your talent.

Here are some really good examples of what I mean:

You have two options: Continue reading