The More Himekyun Fruit Can Changes, the M– Actually, Yes, That’s Fine

It was with practically zero fanfare that Himekyun Fruit Can, part of the foundational loudol class of 2010*, was semi-permanently disbanded following a long-ass farewell tour. I say “practically zero fanfare” because, despite often being excellent as hell, we’re looking at a group that never seemed to catch on with Westerners; I say “semi-permanently” because management hadn’t even finished announcing the end of the almost-totally-original quar/quintet when they said that, yes, all existing members would graduate forever at the final performance, but the group would reboot immediately.

After a few brief appearances ’round these parts just to acknowledge that Ehime’s idols were coming together, it feels only right to now, finally, get to excitedly point at the new HKFC and their first MV:

That’s some quality loud stuff right there! And a little bit of a departure from the original, no? Himekyun Fruit Can had been, since about 2012 or so, when Mad Magazine took them in a harder direction, the cream of the idols-actually-doing-rock-music crop — not half-fast idorock, but well-composed hard rock fare that nobody needed to consider a guilty pleasure. Other than some familiar notes in the vocals, this is significantly heavier than what you’d have gotten from old HKFC, and not even really in a FRUITPOCHETTE way. There’s a bit of nano-X in there, or old-school Party Rockets. And dare I say it’s a little like first-gen DISDOL even?

That choreography is all Mad Magazine, though

This re-debut single is out today:

I’m wishing them very well. The original group was fairly popular, regularly touring around Japan while their sister units were eventually largely restricted to the home market and jaunts to Tokyo. The MADCREW appearances at the Ehime Nissan offices were cool and all, but it frankly seemed insulting to have Azuma goddamn Shiori basically reduced to a house act. Don’t ever do that again, Mad Magazine.

Also, there are eight members; the company’s inexplicable membership stability notwithstanding, I’m pegging the first graduation for sometime around March.

*Yes, I know that the original group wasn’t loud at all; bear with me

Extra Bonus Princess

Former leader Tanio Sakurako is still on Twitter (I’m sure that they all are, somewhere), if following ex-idols is something you enjoy:

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