This Is How Waka Wishes You a Merry Christmas

And that, friends, is how you acquaint the world with your new project. Debuting in February!

Of all of the ex-Guso members, I’ve probably been the most interested, like person-to-person interested, in the tidings of Waka — I don’t know if anybody has ever gotten this whole alt/chika business as well as she has, or been as ceaselessly dedicated. I first knew of GEKIDOL, her self-produced multi-member project that lasted for a hair’s breadth of time before falling apart; then she was in the hilariously ill-attempted Lolisyn reboot right up until the moment before it debuted. Finally, Guso Drop and a few moments of stability, only to have even the chika-est of them all reach an end. She’s like idol’s Pat Smear without anybody having died or eventually becoming a massive rock star!

Of note, she’s not using the “idol” word anywhere in here, instead literally “solo project band,” so who knows how it’s actually going to go. I like to stretch the definition of idol a little bit to include some particularly good musical moves, so it’s possible that we’ll see more of Waka-as-Bunily before too long.

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