Here’s What Fruitpochette and nanoCUNE Have Been Up To

When last we saw Fruitpochette, it was Teratani Mina’s farewell, leaving the future of the group in doubt. And when we last saw nanoCUNE … was never, actually, except in the context of Mad Magazine’s big blow-up earlier in the year.

Nonetheless, feet are being landed on, and we’re learning a little bit about where things go from here.

First off, nanoCUNE no longer exists. It’s nanoRider now!

Second off, I don’t know if Fruitpochette’s future is all that much clearer, but Shiori is still out there banging that drum, and I’ll go ahead and suggest that there may be an excellent in-house candidate ready to go.

Just listen to this:

This was a Nissan event in the MADCREW’s home base of Ehime, so of course the cool local idols performed and included in that set Fruitpochette’s “灼熱-Drop,” which is one of this Maniac’s favorites of theirs. Joining Shiori? Mayu from nanoCUNE/Rider. And she did a really great job with it.

Of course, nanoRider currently consists of but two members, one of whom is Mayu, so that may not be a likely long-term match. Still! In general, that’s a nice little performance. I’m also taking this as a cue to finally get around to covering some nanoCUNE/Rider.

As for Mina, she’s still at it, albeit at a slower burn than Fruitpochette would have required:

As a cosplay model!

2 thoughts on “Here’s What Fruitpochette and nanoCUNE Have Been Up To

  1. Woah…that Mayu girls got some PIPES! She seems like a natural fit for sure. It’s really awesome that Shiori didn’t just up and quit herself to join one of her sister units when Mina had to leave FP. I think she should get some major cred for continuing to carry that built-for-2 torch solo.

  2. FRUITPOCHETTE are doing way more lives now that they had 2 members – I see them on idol bills a lot this Golden Week. Perhaps Mina’s health was holding them back from booking shows.

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