Your Homicidols Weekender #58

Good morning! In the greater idol world, it seems like everybody’s taking some time to breathe after a very busy last couple of months of 2017. And thank goodness — your friendly neighborhood Maniac has been quite busy himself. Yeah, a lot of Day Job, but also a little thing with Necroma that I’m still not sure was real (or may have shattered my previous reality).

Your Weekender is below. Also play the Fun while you’re at it, and contemplate the Best of 2017. A real-deal Yearender is coming next week, and you might be surprised at some of the stuff that flew under the radar. And do try to have a good time this weekend and really over the next few days. Eat too much, drink too much, enjoy the people you love, make merry.

You Can’t Tell Me What to Do!


That’s the reborn Oyayubi Princess, if you were keeping score

First there were 48s, then 46s, and now apparently 52s?

Fumika and Himeka said their goodbyes to Party Rockets GT:

musubizm bit the dust, too, but left us with this delightful farewell video:

Beni can, indeed, do it all:

You can’t beat You’ll Melt More!:

Explain this Desu.Rabbits series to me, thanks:

I got really excited to see another Band ja Naimon! MV come across the wire, but this is naught but a letdown:

When Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da met URBANGARDE:

Never goes out of style:

Kaneko Rie’s new project, trolleattroll:

Yanakoto Sotto Mute because why not:

Same for Oyasumi Hologram:

There are more and more funky idols lately, aren’t there?

“ITHAQUA” in Italian? Sure!

Some crossed wires led to neither my nor Papermaiden’s posting of the latest from Maison Book Girl, so I hope you had a chance to enjoy it; if not, here you go!

PARFAIT, not only is your attire completely out of season, but since when did you do lite idorock?

Did you ever wonder if you could see a Task have Fun DVD? You can!

Have a great weekend and a merry one if you’re celebrating!

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