The LunaBell Lives!

Oh man! You newbies might not be as … warmed? warmed by this one as much as folks who’ve been around for a few years, but: Suzu Hinata, ex of petit pas! and eventual winder-upper as solo idol on the same label as some other cult favorites, is in fact still alive and in fact still idoling and in fact kind of building on this whole The LunaBell thing. It’s only been (/checks watch) like almost a year since last we heard from her, but now we hear from her again!

In this case, it’s a couple of demo tracks on Soundcloud:

May as well start with the louder of the two:

This kind of thing of course spurs one to go digging through her recent history a bit. There’s not a lot of that history, which would lead one to believe that this is more of a when-I-feel-like-it project for Suzu, but hey, if she’s connecting with a band for stuff —

— and likewise has this thing happening —

— and the demo tracks are out, we can probably infer that something is going on, and maybe there’ll be a single release or something in the near future. And as a dedicated follower of idols in their post-idol phases — especially when that phase is idol! — I plan on staying right on top of that.