Okay, Here’s a New Thing to Get a Little Excited About

What do you do when half of Western wotadom pings you first thing in the morning on a friggin’ Monday?

You get obnoxiously hype about it!

I refer, of course, to Suzu Hinata, ex of petit pas! but still mercifully on the idol world’s radar for most of the last year thanks to doing just about everything but doing a rock idol project, has aligned herself with Candye Syrup and … I’d say “is going dark,” but what does that even mean in this context, other than “okay now I’m a Nightmare before Christmas fetishist who hangs out at Spencer’s on the way to Hot Topic.”


But why is it that it’s called “Ghost Party at Christmas Night” when it’s on Dec. 13? Rather than acknowledge that time continues to move even after ostensibly terminal points, and that there is a thing called “Christmas” subsequent to that date, I’m going to unnecessarily jump to a nonsensical conclusion that this is in fact nonsense!

Here’s her website and Twitter. The project is called The LunaBell. I’d actually love to see where it goes.