This Will Be a Great Opportunity to Get into Yajima Mai

I like tweets from friends:

Or, to contextualize that, mistress of the gothic arts Yajima Mai, creative force behind this, just wrapped up her three-singles-in-three-months thing with a one-man, and at said show announced the release of her first full album, and that my friends is how you repeat the details in a press release:

Mai is, I think, not an idol, but I started covering her as one way back when and I’ll be darned if I just give up on her now

Frankly, I’m surprised that this milestone is just now coming around for Mai, given how relatively long she’s been working toward it, but a quick look at her discography (which I recommend, as you can get into some samples too) shows that the “serious” career has only been going since 2016, after a roughly equivalent buildup stint before. Fascinating.

Taking that into consideration, this is all a pretty good windup, no? Not all trajectories are clean progressions; Mai’s looks like a pretty clean one. I hope Vampiress and everything that comes with it is an appropriate and affirmative next step.