Idols Cover Band Covers Idols

So this is kind of fun, and thankfully narrative enough in its own right to get out the door quickly so that I can do another thing. But hey you guys, you’re all down in some form or another with Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen, aka Yamakatsu, yes? If you aren’t, you should be — longstanding rock idol units from the further reaches of Japan deserve all of the respect. I was doing a Twitter dive the other day and saw that ol’ Yamakatsu paired up with a bona fide rock band not to perform a set together, but to high-five around covering each others’ songs:

They sold these joint shirts!

This got me to wondering how and why it is that this doesn’t happen more often, and maybe Ricky-senpai or somebody suitably enculturated in the totality of J-music could provide answers, but for now I’m going to wildly speculate and say that the reason is fear.

And because I’m not sure if Yamakatsu has ever not been at TIF, here’s a photo of YKG on the Sky Stage: