The LunaBell Can Get You Right into That Halloween Spirit

Oh, it’s a quieter day in idol? And there’s still a whole huge backlog to get through? Let’s do that!

Last week! It was a lot! Some things I just didn’t get around to; others I deliberately held up for timing reasons. This is one of those, as getting seasonal beats right feels like the least I can do. Remember how Suzu Hinata kicked around a little after petit pas! broke up, and where she landed ultimately involved a solo musical project that, by the standards of how a lot of idols decide to style themselves, was pretty much right on par?

Well, she’s back, and this time it’s to wish you a very happy Halloween! Continue reading

The LunaBell Lives!

Oh man! You newbies might not be as … warmed? warmed by this one as much as folks who’ve been around for a few years, but: Suzu Hinata, ex of petit pas! and eventual winder-upper as solo idol on the same label as some other cult favorites, is in fact still alive and in fact still idoling and in fact kind of building on this whole The LunaBell thing. It’s only been (/checks watch) like almost a year since last we heard from her, but now we hear from her again!

In this case, it’s a couple of demo tracks on Soundcloud: Continue reading

So This Is the Ghost Party at Christmas Night, Then

Thank you, well-named Twitter friend @GodMars, for bringing The LunaBell back into our lives, where the Artist Otherwise Known as Suzu Hinata, uh …

What– Continue reading

Okay, Here’s a New Thing to Get a Little Excited About

What do you do when half of Western wotadom pings you first thing in the morning on a friggin’ Monday?

You get obnoxiously hype about it!

I refer, of course, to Suzu Hinata, ex of petit pas! but still mercifully on the idol world’s radar for most of the last year thanks to doing just about everything but doing a rock idol project, has aligned herself with Candye Syrup and … I’d say “is going dark,” but what does that even mean in this context, other than “okay now I’m a Nightmare before Christmas fetishist who hangs out at Spencer’s on the way to Hot Topic.” Continue reading