The Corenament Field Is Set, But of Course There Are Still Decisions to Make

Why isn’t anything ever easy?

After a huge late flurry of votes on Sunday and a bit of poll crashing by fans of The Spunky, the original bracket underwent a huge shift in seed and even who was in the damn thing, but I’m confident that the community made good choices, and we’ll have a lively few weeks.

For the record:

There are two things left to decide: Who will represent death pop, Ladybaby or Deathrabbits? And which of Osaka Shunkashuto and Himekyun Fruit Can will respectively be the 15th and 16th seeds?

The death pop thing will be decided tomorrow in the DEATH POP DEATHMATCH, which will be a little bit different than we’ll do the other head-to-head matchups, but hopefully fun for people.

Shunkashun and HKFC are being decided on Twitter in a I-can’t-believe-this-shit quicky poll. Their reward for winning will be to avoid Babymetal in the first round and instead get a chance to upset The Spunky.

The most disappointing result (for them and their fans, not for me) was Guso Drop, who got more votes than three of the conference winners but happened to be stuck in the Idolcore Group of Death; however, if the DEATH POP DEATHMATCH winner doesn’t get at least 25 votes, Guso’s getting opted in because why not mix in a little European soccer rules?

Overall, though, this pre-Corenament was a lot of fun. I mean, a lot of work for me, but I enjoy it. For disclosure’s purposes, I:

  • Voted three times on three devices
  • Changed votes several times to keep things interesting
  • Final ballot: Fruitpochette, Necronomidol, Haloperi Doll, Deep Girl; PassCode, BiSH, Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da; Screaming Sixties, Billie Idle; NEXT Shoujo Jiken; Bellring Girls Heart, Yukueshirezutsurezure; Q’ulle, Himekyun Fruit Can, Party Rockets GT
  • So I missed in quite a few places! That’s good.

Also, I wasn’t kidding about a lot of these races being tight as hell. Rock was decided in the last hour, and Kiminosei didn’t pull away in idolcore until very late. Deep Girl made a late run at Kamen Joshi, but ultimately fell short. Here’s the final result for the rock poll, just to paint a picture:


Now let’s get back to our regular programming for at least a little while.