Rough Way to Start Monday: Guso Drop … Drops a Member

I’m sorry, it was just sitting right there.

This was very sudden.

There’s scuttlebutt of a full break-up, but the accompanying blog entry makes it sound like they should have seen it coming, so who knows what might be in store. Stay tuned, I guess.

9 thoughts on “Rough Way to Start Monday: Guso Drop … Drops a Member

  1. This is sad news, especially if it causes a full-scale break up, but from her tweet she is just going to be going to school. So good for her! I’ll have to take some time to read the full entry though.

    • After reading through the post, here’s what I understand is happening:
      -Last year in the middle of November, management was considering breaking up GuDro. During this time, Shion started to feel like she wanted to do something else.
      – Over the next month or so, she was absorbed by her studies to pass the (university I’m assuming) exams, and because of this missed some shows and performances. The other members said “Hey, no problem, we got this, you do what you need to do!” and did the shows as a 4-man.
      – After the exams Shion couldn’t shake this feeling of wanting to do something else that started when management was going to break up the group. She wants to have “Normal meetings with friends, normal school life, normal club activities, normal going out on days off, normal jobs, getting a driver’s license, studying for [my] future. Up until now [my life] hasn’t been normal…”

      So, from the sounds of it just her is leaving, and she is wishing the other members the best for continued success. Unless there are rumblings somewhere else, it doesn’t seem like this is a bad sign for the group at all. Sounds like a very personal choice for a single member.

      Granted, my Japanese isn’t fluent, but at N3 level I was able to get most of what she was saying.

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