Corenament Conference Finals: Let’s Decide These Close Races

For the last three days, idols across the defined-your-way hard end of the spectrum have been duking it out, fan-to-fan, in the entry round of the 2016 Homicidols Corenament. Some results have been surprising, some less so. But with about 13 hours to go, we have some very tight situations that only the fans can decide.

Idol Metal | Idol Rock | Alt-Idols | Solo Idols | Idolcore | Punk Idols

Also remember to submit your single-song nominations for each artist. Their best song, the one you think will represent them well in head-to-head competition with other idols.

Idol Metal

Babymetal is of course lapping the field; they were practically auto-byed into the Corenament. And Necronomidol and Fruitpochette have both staked out strong positions; they’re probably going to make it.

On the bubble, however, are Kamen Joshi, Deep Girl, Lyric Holic and Haloperi Doll.

Haloperi Doll went ahead and just tweeted out their case:

Remember that you get four votes for metal, so make sure that they’re all well-represented in the Corenament beginning this week!

Now go vote!

Idol Rock

This race is too close to call. Like, what a mess. Current leaders getting just a tiny bit of a boost in how I set this up, but it’s anybody’s to win at this point.

You get three votes for rock, so make ’em count!

Now go vote!


You’ll Melt More! took their sweet time getting there, but maybe people just had to go discover them a little bit and were like “wow, yes, You Are the World deserves a lifetime achievement award.” Good for you, Yurumerumo!

The second spot for this conference is down to Bellring Girls Heart and newcomers Yukueshirezutsurezure. While YMM will take you on a journey through the depths of your own heart, Yukuetsurezure’s taking Krueger-like aim at your sanity while Bellheart’s luring you in to drink your blood.

I’m afraid for Yukuetsurezure; their best stuff isn’t even available.

You can vote for two alt-idols to advance, and you should, because they could tip the balance of the entire Corenament.

Now go vote!

Solo Idols

The percentages make this look less dramatic than it is; Pikarin, NEXT Shoujo Jiken and Psybou Kanojo could all not only advance, but make some noise (that’s a pun, kids) in the Corenament.

NEXT’s taken from when she/they were still a they. Currently a she!

We’re only advancing one solo idol, so make sure to choose wisely!

Now go vote!


Like how the World Cup always has a Group of Death, this, fittingly, was it for the Corenament field. Lots of power, lots of personal favorites for folks. Parallel Japan is out, but the other four are still in a dead heat for three spots.

Idolcore will send three entrants into the Corenament, so you can vote for that many, too. Or vote strategically. Or vote for Parallel Japan because you are a crazy person and that think Aina going to BiSH was their addition-by-subtraction!

Now go vote!

Punk Idols

Screaming Sixties is taking the title in a walk, but let’s make it interesting for Billie Idle; The Spunky’s manager just tweeted about the Corenament, and they’re tight with Malcolm Mask McLaren, so this could get really interesting really fast!

Now go vote!