The Band Form of REGiNA KiSS Is Working Out

Ah, REGiNA KiSS, the idols that I can never get anybody to pay attention to half as much as they deserve to be paid attention to. I don’t get it! Of those who have looked, the reviews are almost always positive. “Yes, Maniac, you are right, they are good” is the stock reply, in fact. Granted, I hear that all the time because my taste is impeccable, but let’s not digress!

REGiNA KiSS, originally a more full-on, explicitly idol project, made the move a little while back to be one of those idol+band hybrids. That could have gone any of a number of ways, honestly; it’s like how throwing a pass in football has three potential outcomes, and only one of them is good. I think it’s safe to say that it worked out in this case:

That’s their second single, which, like many idol projects, is like their 37th official release. I would think that this would appeal to dang near anybody who likes J-rock, idol or not, and to that peculiar subset of music fans who like idols but eschew most other J-music.*

Bonus Taylor Swift cover!

You can acquire all of that, plus their live DVD, via these mechanisms I do believe:

Nice work, REGiNA KiSS. I notice that your follower count is starting to climb; keep up that momentum!