The Long Arc of History Bends Toward SHINGEKI

And speaking of things that are already a couple of days old but definitely deserve to be mentioned, have you seen the latest not-really-tied-to-a-release-or-anything MV from SHINGEKI?

That two-step, though

It’s like somebody took elements from “I kill” (yes) and “Back That Azz Up” (omg) and handed it over to PassCode’s composer for finishing (why). What a song. Like almost everything else that SHINGEKI does, it gives me lots of reactions, at once, and I can’t tell which ones I should trust. This is complicated by the parts that are less good feeling like they’re deliberately being done not as well. And, of course, there’s that duality thing that they do both more and better than just about anybody, and the obligatory English break by my girl Kotono.

It’s really only been a year and a bit since this project originally debuted, under a different name, using a different sound and with almost completely different members. Here they are, though, arguably as well-developed in the fan base as two of the three legs of Codomomental, and on a trajectory for TIF that could be their breakthrough moment. Not too bad for a former post-emocore project whose name recalled the “Tears in Rain” speech and involved one of the snakebitten ex-members of Mugen Regina.

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  1. so i am not the only one who though the first fiew lines especially sound exactly like I Kill

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