Something New for You: It’s REGiNA KiSS

A few weeks back, I was Twitter-handed this enormous chunk of underground and otherwise little-known idol stuff by our pal at Pure Idol Heart. There was a lot in it! A lot that’s still sitting in my little queue, waiting to be paid attention to! So here we are, dipping a hand in to pull out the first of what’s going to be a significant series of discoveries for most of us and ho-hum old news for the handful of you all who like live at idol venues, I swear.

Check this out, though:

Say hi to REGiNA KiSS (Twitter). If you couldn’t tell, you may be able to suss it out from their Twitter profile: Their thing is rock, cute, sexy.

They’re appearing more and more in the various idol+rock events around Osaka lately, I’ve noticed. Here’s even a set from when they went into PiGU’s home turf at the POP iD cafe:

I was worried that this would be a case of Do a Lot of Shows but Record Very Little, as can be the case, but they’re actually prolific enough to have two mini-albums (including DVD!):

Anybody who can unironically have a song called “Serial Killer” is okay by me

As is often the case, you’ll noticed that their official media is a little on the sparse side. If you know anything about them, please do share.

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