‘Tis Apparently the Season for Idol Resurrections

You guys, it’s Golden Week. I love Golden Week — so much happens! I also hate Golden Week for the same reason. Would you believe that I originally wanted to publish this almost a full week ago? Madness. And yet, here we are.

Idol projects, like superheroes, are never guaranteed to stay dead, no matter how gruesome their demise. I bet that if a snap of the fingers wiped half of all idol from existence, a good chunk of them would still find a way to return even without the intervention of some cosmic power; it’s just the way that idol works.

That being said, I currently know of at least three idol projects that are on their way back to life.

Living Dead I Dolls, that we were already aware of; now they have a fixed return date:

Just a few weeks after we celebrated their life among the living, and right on the heels of post-them group QUEENS debuting, Tobi provided the tip that none other than PIIIIIII will return to life:

Weirdest (and soonest!) of all is Checkmate, who were in fact one of my favorite heavy chika projects until they just kind of flickered from existence. The only official announcements in the past were kind of vague and incomplete, but they did acknowledge that the group had gone into general inactivity. So imagine the surprise of seeing this countdown series:

Added the latest one for today

So we’ll get tipped off in a couple of Mondays, then. Good! I have questions, like is the name changing, and will they still sound like hell boiling over? We’ll find out!