Oh, REGiNA KiSS Is a Band Now?

I’ll just go ahead and admit that I didn’t see this one coming:

Huh. Well, okay, super-underappreciated former-idol-trio-turned-duo REGiNA KiSS, whose inability to garner even very many page views briefly made them my favorite idol thing to write about, are … well, they’re a band! Like, not Idols in Front of a Band, but, hell, are they even really idols anymore? Between the gravure and stuff, one might think so, but there are few guarantees in the underground anymore. They sometimes appear as the whole unit thing, or sometimes isn’t just the idols, but.

This is the whole shebang live, clipped from their DVD:

Let’s* hope that this little development gives them a popularity boost; not every idol thing that I vouch for is actually all that great, but I unabashedly enjoy what REGiNA KiSS puts out there, and maybe the allure of real-deal permanently live musicians will help to sell them more to the masses.

*Yes, I speak for you